Hydrostatics, Stability….and more.

The Hydrostab (*) system is an interactive suite, designed to evaluate Intact and damaged Hydrostatics in upright or heeled conditions and to assess Stability for monohulls, small crafts and sailing yachts according to custom or ISO 12217-2 stability criteria.

Hydrostab is powerful and easy,

  • User interface based on the Industry std. Microsoft Excel 2013 environment.
  • Simple and intuitive data entry and calculation settings.
  • Fully integrated applications, displayed in tabular and graphical form.
  • Worksheet flexibility, opened to customizations.

…. and includes unique computing features.

  • Full data entry diagnostics.
  • Hull lines optimization for error free hull data generation.
  • Multiple heeling system editor, aerodynamics included.
  • Advanced boat windage and sail aerodynamics.
  • Data evaluation for Standard and Custom Stability Criteria.
  • Stability and buoyancy assessment and categorization according to ISO 12217-2.



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